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Updated mobile TBI station

CNERGY TBI The new and updated solution for turn-key TBI setup and monitoring.

New ACD4 model

Next generation of block cutter

ACD-4MK5 block cutter Our block cutter has been completely re-invented resulting in the new ACD4-MK5 unit. It offers superior cutting size, while maintaining a high accuracy. It has been equipped with touch display for easy operation.

No more water!

Convection oven for Thermoplastic masks

Convection oven The use of dry heat to prepare Aquaplastic material has now been introduced by Par Scientific. With the principle of circulation of heat, the time to get ready material is now matched to the waterbaths, but without the hassle of the water and possible cross-contaminations.

IBt Bebig products

Par is now servicing the mould room products

Autimo 2DL block cutter Par Scientific is proud to announce that from 2010 we are handling spareparts, servicing and support for the following products:

  • Autimo 2D-A
  • Autimo 2D-C
  • Autimo 2D-L (little)
  • Autimo 2.5D
  • Autimo 3D
  • MT49 / MT150 Melting pots
  • Numonics digitizers