Par Scientific is now introducing a new Block Cutting Unit - the ACD-4MK5. 20 years of experience has been used to create the unit that will meet the challenges from a modern DicomRT networked RT Department fully equipped with MLC facilities.
This 5th generation unit has been designed as a small lightweight table version - still having maximum active cutting area. The unit is constructed as an extremely reliable - maintenance free machine equipped with our most modern software version containing any clinical relevant tool to create the most accurate shielding blocks.
The software is very easy to install on local PC and system set-up is based on the highest level of functionality.
The cutting performance of this unit is with outstanding accuracy fully capable to present a higher accuracy than any MLC system - even the latest 160-MLC Systems.

Our company has experienced a growing number of clinics who realises the basic need of a reliable and extremely accurate Block Cutting Unit side-by-side with the MLC functions allowing them to do both fast standard treatments (MLC and auto-setup function) and the most sophisticated treatment plans with very accurate reliable customized blocks. Every clinic fully equipped with MLC function still sees a growing demand for customized blocks to a level that fully justifies the investment in a block cutting unit that is fast and easy to integrate totally in the most modern department.
At the same time we managed to reduce the production costs and thereby the system price. Contact your local Par Scientific Distributor or our company directly to get detailed information and factual system price.

Acd4mk5 model

Acd4mk5 display

The display acts as the user interface to make adjustments to hotwire temperature

Features like "run home", "cut home" and "go to front" are now directly available from the display.

The change of temperature, manual movement and other diagnostic tools, that are not needed in daily use are all hidden behind a password to avoid tampering by unauthorized personell